As a student at Spencer Technical College, you’ll be trained by industry current trainers, and welcomed into a safe, friendly environment. 

Please see the Courses page for important information about the course. Our Forms page contains our student handbook and information about Brisbane. 

Please contact us for start / finish dates. If you wish to enrol, you can send a completed Enrolment Form to us at admin@spencertechcollege.edu.au or through one of our agents. More information is available on the Enrol page. 

Enrolling at Spencer Technical College


How to Enrol

  1. Complete and sign the International Student Enrolment Form.
  2. Complete a Credit Transfer/Recognition of Prior Learning Application (if applicable)
  3. Submit your enrolment form along with certified/verified copy of your passport, relevant qualifications and English language test results, a non-refundable enrolment Application Fee of AUD $200.
  4. Alternatively, international students may apply via one of our recognised Education Agents in their own country.

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy of a document is one that has been stamped, signed and dated to confirm that it is a true copy of the original by an authorised person. To request certification of a copy of a document you need to take both the original document and the copy to your chosen authorised official.

Who can certify your supporting documentation?

Your supporting documentation must be certified by a person from one of the categories below. You cannot certify your own documentation.

Outside Australia
  • an Australian Registered Migration Agent; or
  • a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations or other authorised official in the country you are enrolling from.
Within Australia
  • a justice of the peace or a bail justice
  • a notary public
  • a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court
  • a clerk to a barrister and solicitor
  • the prothonotary or a deputy prothonotary of the Supreme Court
  • the registrar or deputy registrar of the County Court
  • the principal registrar of the Magistrates Court
  • the registrar or deputy registrar of the Magistrates Court
  • the registrar of Probates or an assistant registrar of Probates
  • the associate to a judge of the Supreme Court or the County Court
  • the secretary of a master of the Supreme Court or the County Court
  • a person registered as a patent attorney under Part XV of the Patents Act 1952 of the Commonwealth
  • a fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (Victoria)
  • a member of the police force
  • a sheriff or deputy sheriff
  • a member or former member of either House of the Parliament of Victoria
  • a councillor of a municipality
  • a town clerk or shire secretary
  • a legally qualified medical practitioner
  • a dentist
  • a veterinary surgeon
  • a pharmacist
  • a principal in the teaching service
  • a manager of a bank
  • a member of the Australian Society of Practicing Accountants
  • the secretary of a building society
  • a minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriage
  • a person who holds office in the public service (of Victoria) that is prescribed as an office of which the holder may witness statutory declarations.

If you are enrolling within Australia and are unable to access one of the above, you have the option to take your original documents with you to Spencer Technical College.  There the Admissions Department, RTO Manager or PEO will sight the originals and place a photocopy of them in your file.

If you are enrolling from outside Australia and are unable to access one of the above, you have the option to take your original documents with you to your Education Agent or other Spencer Technical College representative who will sight the originals and forward a photocopy of them to Spencer Technical College in Australia.

Certified copies and online applications
Soft (electronic) versions of your certified copies must be submitted with your online applications. If requested, we may need a certified hard (paper) copy of your results documents before we can make you a full offer of a course place.

Fill out your enrolment form accurately
It is important that the following information is accurately noted on your enrolment form and that if any of this information changes that you notify Spencer Technical College at the earliest opportunity (as per the conditions of your visa):

  1. Correct and clear spelling
  2. Date of birth
  3. Current address
  4. Any assistance that you may require throughout the course
  5. Any recognition of prior learning and/or credit transfer that you wish to apply for
  6. Proof of your English language abilities (IELTS or equivalent)
  7. Copy of Passport
  8. Copy of Academic qualifications (in English), if required.
  9. A copy of your Student Visa (if transferring in from another institution in Australia) and Transfer Letter (if required)
  10. Proof of payment of fees (where applicable)
  11. All questions answered, and field filled in

All students are responsible for ensuring that Spencer Technical College administration has your up-to-date contact details. Please notify any changes within 5 working days of the change.

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