Working in Australia

One of the great opportunities of studying in Australia is being allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Gain invaluable working experience towards your study or career, or save up to help cover learning costs. Popular job search websites to search for work in Brisbane are: Indeed, Jora, CareerOne, and Seek.



If you hold a Student Visa and would like to work, prior to starting you must have a DHA approved Work Visa, and a Tax File Number from the Australian Tax Office. You can apply for a work visa and should receive it within 24 hours.


Tax File Number

Tax file numbers are used by the Australian Tax Office to identify people when they pay tax. You do not have to have a Tax File Number (TFN) if you do not want one. However, any income you earn (including interest on your bank account) will be taxed at a higher rate than when you had given your Tax File Number to your bank or employer.

You can apply for a Tax File Number online: or by filling in the form and posting it. The form can be obtained at a local newsagency or the College International Student Office. Follow the instructions on the form and you will be issued with a Tax File Number normally within four (4) weeks. Keep your Tax File Number in a safe place and do not disclose it to anyone other than your employer or bank. The Australian Tax Office provides information on taxation and superannuation issues. For further information, please contact:

Australian Tax Office Telephone (Free): 13 28 61 Website:


Finding a new job

To find new job, check Spencer Technical College’s notice board, ask your friends, register with employment agencies or check job search websites: Indeed, Jora, CareerOne, and Seek.



You are permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks) during each semester and up to 40 hours per week during holiday breaks. Do not work without a Work Visa as this is a breach of your Student Visa and will put you at risk of deportation. Further information can be obtained from the Department of Home Affairs(DHA) or Telephone: 131881

Employment rights

Your employment rights can be checked with a range of agencies:

Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC), Fair Work Australia and Wageline are amongst these.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) functions broadly to facilitate employment agreements with conditions of employment, between employers or employer bodies and employees, and to establish and maintain fair, minimum wages and conditions. Further information: or

Level 14, Central Plaza Two, 66 Eagle Street, Brisbane, 4000

PO Box 5713, Central Plaza, Brisbane, 4001

Telephone: (07) 3000 0399

Facsimile: (07) 3000 0388

Out of hours emergency: 0419 335 202



Fair Work Australia at
or telephone 1800 799 675


Wageline provides information on rates of pay and conditions of employment, award information, and employee entitlements regarding annual leave, sick leave, redundancy pay, superannuation and related issues. Insurance – worker’s compensation Work Cover is the State Authority for administering Queensland’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, system, and information. Further information:



Telephone: 1300 369 945 (QLD only)


Work Cover Queensland 280 Adelaide St, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000

Telephone (Free): 1300 362 128



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