Living in Brisbane - Support

Being organised and prepared will ensure life in Brisbane is smooth.

Our student support officers are available to help you discuss your healthcare questions, work conditions/entitlements, finances and safety. Get in touch with us anytime.

Health Care

Australia has a world class health care system. If you are sick or injured and need to go to hospital, a Queensland Ambulance will take you to the nearest emergency care hospital. There is no fee for the use of ambulance system in Queensland.

Australia has an exceptional Medicare system which provides free healthcare to all Australian citizens, however there can be waiting lists for some hospital treatments. For this reason, many Australians purchase private health insurance with one of the many Government regulated providers.

All International Students are required to purchase Private Health Insurance under the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Policy as part of their Visa application. This provides Students with medical aid if and when needed.


Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and Brisbane is a safe and beautiful city. The Queensland Police Service have police stations in most of Brisbane’s suburbs and entertainment precincts and ensure there is always a police presence to deter crime. Australia has extremely tight gun control laws which provide citizens and visitors peace of mind.

Emergency Number to call in life-threatening situations: 000 (zero-zero-zero)


It can be very rewarding to advance your career or to support your lifestyle with a job while studying. A work entitlement of 20 hours per week is a condition of your visa. For more information about visa conditions, contact the Department of Home Affairs or visit the Immigration and Citizenship page at

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